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about HVCF
High Velocity CrossFit is a fully equipped 5,000 square foot CrossFit box. High Velocity CrossFit is outfitted with the best equipment possible and maintained at the highest standards.

We offer climate controlled restrooms including two showers in both the mens’ and women’s locker rooms, as well as a climate controlled children’s play room!

Built for CrossFit

Three HUGE bay doors, a 64 foot pure strength pull-up rig, 16 foot overhead fan and a 1,500 square foot covered patio, including its own pull-up rig, are just a few of the amazing features this gym has to offer.

HVCF is owned and operated by off duty firefighter Lance Lindley and wife Jalane Lindley.
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Unlimited Crossfit


Per Month
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month

Unlimited Crossfit


3 months up front
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month

Unlimited Crossfit


2 family members per month
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month each

10 Class Punch Card


one time payment
  • 10 CrossFit classes

    punch card expires 3 months after purchase date

1 Week Pass


one time payment
  • 1 Week Pass

Walk In


one time payment
  • Cost per visit

CrossFit Kids
We believe that developing a passion for fitness and nutrition in childhood will set the foundation for lifelong physical activity, which will maximize their quality of life and promote good health well into their adulthood.
Our goal is to help your children walk out of our gym healthier than when they walked into HVCF.
1 Class/week


per week
2 Classes/week


per week
Multi-Kid Discount


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I joined CrossFit to get in better shape for lacrosse. It has
molded me both mentally and physically on the field. CrossFit
has changed me in so many ways, but the mental courage
and endurance has been the biggest reward form all the hard
work I have put in! I love the family atmosphere the gym has
established, its impossible not to have a good time!

Scout James

At CFHV, I am challenged and encouraged to do my absolute best
by my coaches and peers. The community atmosphere
is very inviting and so inspiring from the beginner to the experienced.
I am extremely proud to be a part of this box!

Theresa Downs

As a competitive CrossFitter, High Velocity CrossFit
has been a great place to improve! I have loved the
programming and all the open gyms give me the chance
to work on my weaknesses. The community is a great
group of people to motivate you to get better!

Andrew Gerardy


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